Resource Directory – January/February 2020

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web-only-gif Powerful Pain Relief: CBD & Essential Oils

Docs magic oil bottleDoc’s Magic Oil
Roll on Relief

In addition to muscle aches, arthritis and joint pain, Doc’s Magic Oil speeds healing of minor skin irritations, burns and abrasions. It works great on stuffy noses, relieves stress, improves sleep and will even lift your mood! Each bottle is hand-filled with loving, healing intent and high vibrational essence. Convenient size for pocket or purse.

Animal Sanctuary

woman petting dog at Kindred Spirits animal shelterKindred Spirits provides Eldercare and Hospice for dogs, horses and poultry; the final home for abandoned/unwanted senior animals. Non-toxic environment focused on wellness care including veterinary support, workshops/education about the end of life care process, and caring for one another. 505-471-5366,


John Clinton John Clinton is a Master Astrologer with more than 40 years’ experience. Astonishingly accurate readings with surprising detail.


Biofeedback • Naturopathy

Louise SwartswalterABQ Natural Health Center Louise Swartswalter 20 yrs + NEW B.R.A.I.N. Program 505-797-0540. Release the stress: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. You find the things in me I didn’t know were there and shift them. S.M., ABQ.

Chiropractic & Shiatsu

Dr Lee PurcaroLee F. Purcaro, D.C. 9004 Menaul Blvd. NE Reasonable Rates 505-275-1090 Providing gentle, effective chiropractic care. Adjustments align your spine and skeletal system, allowing natural energy flow and significantly reducing pain. Shiatsu sessions also available. 35 years’ experience in both chiropractic and Shiatsu. Private Pay only

Colon Hydrotherapy: Cleansing • Colonics

bill-haggardAll About Health – Colonics Gentle • Effective • Professional. Bill Haggard, Colon Therapist 18+ yrs. Colon cleansing helps you detoxify, ease stress and can improve how well you feel in wonderful ways! Call for your appt: 505-888-5858.


Colonics, Massage, Essenstial Oils

Robert FreyLife’s Nectar Massage & Colonics, LLC. Gravity fed colonics: gentle, safe, effective physical detox method. Release/let go of challenging emotional, mental, spiritual thoughts/ feelings. I feel lighter, clearer, my headache is gone, my eyes are not foggy. M.B., ABQ. Eliminate toxins, reduce stress, relax more with a therapeutic massage. Explore removing toxins from your home/life with essential oils and therapeutic grade products. Let’s walk (or run) together in life’s journey by uplifting/supporting each other in realizing our hopes, dreams and create the lives we have always wanted! 505-270-6163.

Connect to your True Self

Petrick picLive a life of passion and purpose, uninhibited by limiting energies and reach your full potential in every aspect of life.



Dissolve Pain Now

Constantly having adjustments? Wondering what you are doing that is causing pain? · Alexander Technique sessions can dissolve your pain and prevent recurrences for life. $10 off first session, exp. 02/28/20. Suzanne Powell, 512-350-6294, www.WholeSelfAlignment.


Divine Healing

Sir Paul TorresAre you living an ideal life? Could a healing benefit you? Sir Paul has been given the gift of healing through the divine. Heal through Christ today. 450-2108,, sliding scale available.


Empath & Intuition Training

chantal fidanza
Chantal Fidanza
One-One Support & Professional Certification
I am beyond grateful to you. Stacey Ivey, ABQ


Equines Helping Empaths

Chantal Fidanza and horse
Equine Assisted Healing & Retreats


Exquisite Massage

Kate Clark28 years’ experience makes all the difference! Lymphatic, CranioSacral and Restorative Massage. Melt away the over-stimulations of the world with Hot Stone Massage. A fragrance-free Sea of Tranquility awaits in our new Placitas location! Cate Clark is a skillful, knowledgeable, and personable therapist. I can’t say enough great things about her. She’s terrific! C.M., ABQ. 505-401-4015.

Intuitive Readings & Coaching

Readings • Coaching • Counseling
Animal Communication Relationships • Career
Health & Business

Life Imagined ®

Designed by the Neuroscientist who developed the first pharmaceutical treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. It is a blend of 34 synergistic Amino Acids, Herbals, Vitamins, Minerals and Lipids. Improve your Memory, Energy, Vitality, Endurance, and Stamina; Life Imagined.® 1-800-606-0192

Lymphatic Detox Therapy

Shannon GoinsShannon Goins, Certified Lymphedema Therapist. Online booking available at: 505-554-5185,
Get back to being *YOU* again. Lymphatic Detox: all-natural way to remove toxins, feel revitalized. Gentle, powerful therapy is great for Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia and people recovering from surgery: reduces pain/swelling, speeds healing, reduces chance of infection. Pre-operative therapy available. Certified in breast, oncology and scar work. Frequently works with women after breast surgery. New client special only $99, includes free 1/2 hour consult. Schedule Today!

Mindfulness Meditation

Bhanu Joy HarrisonHarness the power of your attention to reduce stress, improve attention, cultivate calm. Monthly, 4 & 6-week classes for meditation, pain reduction, trauma relief. CEUs. Corporate programs/presentations. Bhanu Joy Harrison, LCSW


Natural Window Cleaning

Dave KeatyAll natural, chemical free window cleaning! Great service, pricing, and anywhere in New Mexico. (In Ruidoso monthly.) Dave Keaty and KD Cleaning, making your windows sparkle for more than 10 years! KD Cleaning supports local business too! 505-492-4210.


Natural Yard/Home Help

montoya-crocus-picNatural help is here! Yard Maintenance/Landscaping (natural weed killers), tree/brush/trimming/removal, yard cleanup, mowing, mulching, hedge trimming, lawn installation, aeration/thatching, Landscape Design & Maintenance, seasonal cleanup, garbage hauling/trash/debris removal, gutter cleaning, painting, more. Find/Like us on facebook. A Helping Hand, Shawn Montoya, 505-610-2926.

Network Chiropractic

Trey StilesNETWORK CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Trey Stiles, DC 505-453-5853 Healing through gentle, yet powerful treatments. Affordable healing sessions you can trust. Call today to schedule your initial appointment with Dr. Trey Stiles: 505-453-5853.


Numerology Wisdom

Ruth DrayerExperience greater freedom and confidence, increased compassion and appreciation! Learn how to set goals/make decisions based on greater understanding. Helpful, insightful, relevant and extremely positive, Ruth’s readings reveal the purpose of her client’s lives, heart’s desires, life lessons and more. With finely-honed counseling skills, vast experience, intuition and deep spirituality, your Numerology reading will provide incredible insight and empowerment. Schedule your
life-confirming reading today! 903-399-9979,,

Psychic Readings · Reiki

seerie-picHear possibilities you haven’t imagined/considered. Tarot and Palm readings, Human/Animal Reiki. 15 years’ experience. Positive client feedback. $1.50/minute.
Pete Seerie, Psychic Reader. 505-410-5733.

Powerful Healing

Angeles picSoothing Reiki and Tachyon Stress Neutralization, 20-minute Energy Balancing, only $45, 1 hour, $75. Patient Advocacy, Natural Health Coaching, Nutraceuticals: Herbs that work! Discounted Holistic Gift Baskets, NEW! Retail store: 3005 Monte Vista Blvd NE, Nob Hill, (505) 317-7191. Maria Angeles, BSN, RN, MBA, 505-409-6023,

Quantum Healing

Valentina AragonExperience profound shifts in your inner/outer worlds (including traumas in past lives). Quantum Healing removes old repeating programs that affect your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Clear negative energies/entities and move forward in all aspects of life.,

Questions About Medicare

Chris J. Keefe

Straight answers on Medicare plans, plus Dental, Vision, Hearing plans. Turning 65? Medicare made simple! Also, retirement planning including rollovers for 401k’s 403B’s and TSP.
Chris Keefe, 505-379-2157.



is on sabbatical.
Useful info on Reiki at:



Shamanic Healing & More

Debbie HorneAs Spirit Leads, Experience Powerful Pain Relief. Energy/ Adrenal/Chakra Balancing/ Clearing, Soul Retrieval; True Freedom through Shedding Past Programming, clearing Negative Energies, and more. Home/Biz/Land Clearings. Human/Canine/Equine. Shamanic Classes: (see classes page). Debbie, Shaman in the Peruvian Tradition, 505-660-3347,,

Singing Blessings Healing

lissa callirhoeI sing healing blessings. Sensing the vibrations your body and soul need, my singing voice can bring you back into harmony again, unifying body and mind, heart and soul. 15-minute free consultation. Fragrance free.
Lissa Callirhoe, 505-243-3363,

Transform Your Communications

Pan VeraNon-Violent (LifeServing) Communication is life changing, with the potential to powerfully and totally transform communications. Learn to speak from your heart, bring life to the world and Come Alive yourself! Classes, workshops (pg. 2), practice groups (pg 3). Call Pan Vera, 802-356-5358.

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Claudia MooreEnjoy deep physical and mental relaxation. Himalayan singing bowls placed on/ near the body create total bliss! 505-369-9413,

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