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Truly Alive magazine cover November December 2020November/December 2020 edition

A Heartfelt Interview with Sarah Blondin on book Heart Minded



September/October 2020 PDF - Dr. Casen DeMaria and Dr. Bob DeMariaSeptember/October 2020 edition

A Breakthrough Interview with Joe Vitale and Daniel Barrett on their book The Remembering Process



July August 2020 CoverJuly/August 2020 edition

A Breakthrough Interview with Joe Vitale and Daniel Barrett on their book The Remembering Process



May/June 2020 cover - Sonia ChoquetteMay/June 2020 ONLINE ONLY edition

An Amazing Interview with Sonia Choquette on her book, “Your 3 Best Superpowers



March April 2020 Kaia Ra cover Truly AliveMarch/April 2020 edition

A Profound Interview with Kaia Ra on her book, “The Sophia Code



January February 2020 cover Demetre ThompsonJanuary/February 2020 edition

An Inspirational Interview with Danna Demetre and Robyn Thomson on their book “Eat, Live, Thrive Diet



November-December-2019-Truly-Alive-magazine-coverNovember/December 2019 edition

A Heartfelt Interview with psychic medium James Van Praagh on his book “The Power of Love



TA-SeptOct19_CentralNM-CoverSeptember/October 2019 edition

An Eye-Opening Interview with Dr. Sandra Kaufmann, M.D. on her book “The Kaufmann Protocol: Why We Age and How to Stop It



JulyAug19-coverJuly/August 2019 edition

An Amazing Interview with Patricia C. Frye, M.D. on her book “The Medical Marijuana Guide: Cannabis and Your Health



MayJun19-coverMay/June 2019 edition

An Illuminating Interview with Dr. Eben Alexander, III, M.D. on his books “Map of Heaven” and “Living in a Mindful Universe



MarApr19March/April 2019 edition

A conversation with Suzanne Somers about her book, “TOX-SICK



JanFeb19January/February 2019 edition

An inspiring interview with Danette May about her new book, “The Rise



Yvonne Talley Truly Alive Magazine November December 2018November/December 2018 edition

An exciting interview with Yvonne Talley about her new book, “Breaking Up with Busy



Gregg Braden Truly Alive Magazine September October 2018 coverSeptember/October 2018 edition

An interview with Gregg Braden about his new book, “Human by Design



JulyAug18-coverJuly/August 2018 edition

An interview with Elisa Romeo about her new book, “Meet Your Soul



MayJune18 coverMay/June 2018 edition

Stephanie Arnold speaks about her near death experience and her book about it, “37 Seconds



MarApr18 coverMarch/April 2018 edition

An insightful interview with Shannon Elhart about her new book, “The Healing Gift of Gratitude



JanFeb18 coverJanuary/February 2018 edition

An insightful interview with Natalia Levey about her new book, “Cravings Boss



NovDec17 coverNovember/December 2017 edition

A moving interview with Kimberly Williams-Paisley about her new book, “Where the Light Gets In



SeptOct17 coverSeptember/October 2017 edition

An authentic interview with Colette Baron-Reid about her new book, “Uncharted: The Journey Through Uncertainty To Infinite Possibility



JulyAug17 coverJuly/August 2017 edition

A riveting interview with Neale Donald Walsch on his newest book, “Conversations With God: Part 4



MayJune17 coverMay/June 2017 edition

An enlivening interview with Joanna Garzilli about her new book, “Big Miracles: The 11 Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success



Cover-MarApr17 coverMarch/April 2017 edition

An informative interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola on his newest breakthrough book, “Burn Fat For Fuel



Cover-JanFeb17January/February 2017 edition

A candid interview with Connie Gettersen,RD, PhD on her new book, “The Love Diet



Cover-NovDec16November/December 2016 edition

A comprehensive interview with Tieraona Low Dog, MD on her new book, “Fortify Your LIfe: Your Guide To Vitamins, Minerals and More



Cover-SeptOct16September/October 2016 edition

An enlightening interview with Christine Horner, MD on her new book, “Radiant Health, Ageless Beauty



Cover-JulAug16July/August 2016 edition

A dynamic interview with Arianna Huffington about her book, The Sleep Revolution



Cover-MayJune16May/June 2016 edition

An enlightening interview with Rick Hansen, PhD about his new book, “Hardwiring Happiness



Cover-MarApr16March/April 2016 edition

Don Miguel Ruiz shares about his new book, “The Toltec Art of Life and Death



Cover-JanFeb16January/February 2016 edition

An in-depth interview with Dr. BarbaraDe Angelis on her newest book, “Soul Shifts



Cover-NovDec15November/December 2015 edition

A lively interview with  Mallika Chopra on her newest book, “Living with Intent



Cover-SeptOct15September/October 2015 edition

An interview with  Barbara Marx Hubbard about her new book, “Conscious Evolution



Cover-JulyAug15July/August 2015 edition

Talking with Dr. Alexander Loyd, PhD, N.D.  about his latest book, “Beyond Willpower



Cover-MayJune15May/June 2015 edition

Dr. Kelly Turner talks  about her cancer remission research and her new book, “Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds



Cover-MarApr15March/April 2015 edition

James Van Pragg, voices of the spiritu world talks about his new book, “Adventures of the Soul



Cover-JanFeb15January/February 2015 edition

An interview with Mielle-Chenier-Cowan Rose on her newest book, “Veganish: The Omnivore’s Guide to Plant-Based Cooking



Cover-NovDec14November/December 2014 edition

Mark Nepo: author, teacher, poet, mystic. Featured book, “Endless Practice



Cover-SeptOct14September/October 2014 edition

An interview with “best-selling author” Arielle Ford on her newest book, “Wabi Sabi Love



Cover-JulyAug14July/August 2014 edition

An enlivening interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza on his newest book, “You Are the Placebo



Cover-MayJune14May/June 2014 edition

An interview with Judith Orloff, M.D. about her new book, “The Ecstacy of Surrender



Cover-MarApr14March/April 2014 edition

A Compelling interview with Larry Dossey, M.D. about his newest book, “One Mind



Cover-JanFeb14January/February 2014 edition

Podleski Sisters Janet & Greta chat about their “Looneyspoons Collections of Natural Health Cookbooks”, more than 2 million sold



Cover-NovDec13November/December 2013 edition

A heartfelt interview with Neal Donald Walsh and an overview of his book, “The Only Thing That Matters”



Cover-SepOct13September/October 2013 edition

Featuring Bruce Lipton’s newest book, “The Honeymoon Effect” and his breakout book, “The Biology of Belief”



Cover-JulAug13July/August 2013 edition

A delightful interview with Lisa Rankin about her new book, “Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself



Cover-MayJun13May/June 2013 edition

An interview with Dr. Eben Alexander and an overview of his book, “Proof of Heaven



Cover-MarApr13May/June 2012 edition

Goldie Hawn shares about her new book, “10 Mindful Minutes” and the revolutionary “MindUp Program


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