Classes & Workshops – March/April 2020

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web-only-icon-for-websiteTransforming Mitochondrial Health for Better Energy, Anti-Aging, and Metabolism

Health Transformation Webinars with Regan Archibald.
Regan Archibald is a world renowned and sought after Acupuncturist and Functional Medicine Practitioner.
He resides in Salt Lake, UT.

Archibald Regan of East West HealthCLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Or call one of the offices (located in Utah):
St. George : (435) 773-7790
Salt Lake: (801) 582-2011
Park City: (435) 640-1353
$2500 Anti-Aging & Wellness IV – For the first 10 callers.

Learn how you can optimize and transform your health with Regan Archibald, Founder of East West Health and author of Your Health Transformation, in a weekly series of webinars. Each webinar is always about a new exciting topic! We also carry a variety of supplements to enhance longevity. Ask your provider about our supplement Inner Genius for improved cognition, mood and memory. See for more details or get it at one of our clinics.

Events Offered By: Empowered Empath Programs

Chantal Fidanza Location: Santa Fe (San Marcos Area), NM
505-438-1074 •
Empowered Empath & Intuitive Guide Training
Starts May 2nd – Enrolling Now

Are you an empath? Learn to anchor your gift, for your own transformation and empowerment, or to be a beacon of light for others
in your own intuitive practice. Enrollment options include tele-course only, with equine-assisted retreat, or for professional certification. “This training is life changing!” – Alison Martin, Tucson

Equines Helping Empaths Retreat
April 24, 1-5 & April 25, 12-5:30pm
Truly Alive Special · ONLY $315
(Reg. $395)

Sensitive to energy and life in general? Learn tools to become less energetically permeable, embrace your light and anchor your highest vibration, all with horse and donkey support. 2 days.

Empath Essentials Tele-course
April 4, 11, 18, 11am – 12:30pm
Truly Alive Special ONLY $179 (Reg. $199)

An introductory course to surviving and thriving as an empath. Turn the challenges of being sensitive into your greatest strength!

Powerful Energy Healing Workshop

Petric photoHeld at: Empower Pilates, 6501 Wyoming Blvd NE, 87109 Info/RSVP, Herman Petrick
Powerful Energy Healing Workshop
March 15, 11-4pm • $225

Transform your life! Understand and learn negative energy and prevention/clearing techniques,the benefits of and how to balance your chakras and so much more. With internationally renowned speaker and professional energy cleanser Herman Petrick. Space limited. RSVP today!

Events Offered By: Pan Vera

Pan VeraInfo/RSVP: Non Violent Communication / LifeServing, 2700 Sol de Vida NM, Albuquerque 87120 • 802-356-5358
Creating a New Story to Embody Love
& Compassion in Politics
March 14, 9:30am-4:30pm
Suggested Donation $99

Normal is coming unhinged, and that presents a tremendous danger and a tremendous opportunity. How do we affect the structures so that they embody love, compassion, and interbeing? It will take empathy, the result of the compassionate inquiry: Are you ready to practice talking to people who do not share your political values?

Core Needs Workshop
April 11, 9:30am-4:30pm
Suggested donation $99.00

No one turned away for lack of funds. Wouldn’t you love to know what triggers you 85% of the time? Learn about your core needs, those your unconscious mind knows very well, that mostly runs your life. Get free of unconscious triggers. Knowing that has made my life, and the lives of those around me, a lot more wonderful.

Silent Retreat

Jay CuttsOffered by: New Mexico Center for Meditative Inquiry & Retreat
Contact/Info: Jay Cutts, 505-281-0684
Silent Retreat
June 27 – July 4
$60 to $290, meals included

The NM Center for Meditative Inquiry and Retreat is offering a non-traditional, silent retreat for people from any background. Opening to wholeness in love, wisdom, and healing. In the spirit of teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Byron Katie, Krishnamurti, Thich Nhat Hanh and Pema Chodron. Daily sittings, walking, dialogue, meetings with the resident teacher, Jay Cutts. Jay has attended retreats for over 40 years with the late Toni Packer.

Workshops Offered By: Alana Woods

Alana Woods Held at/RSVP: Resonant Essentials
3107 Eubank (Scottsdale Center) ABQ, 87111
Secret of Healing Through the Arts
Part 1: Spontaneous Drawings thru Jungian Perspective and Mandalas
March 7, 2-4pm · $25

Materials: bring a full set of colored pencils or oil pastels, and type paper or new sketchbook that size.

Secret of Healing Through the Arts
Part 2: Healing Touch of Music
March 28, 2-4pm · $25
(Reg. $395)

The Arts are healing. Not only is Soul activated, but meaningful shifts in consciousness happen naturally. You do not have to be an artist or musician to participate in these healing art forms to gain understanding of your deeper self and gain insights that will amaze you! It helps wake you up! Join us for either or both of these uncommon and felicitous workshops!

Energy Healing Sessions

Sunset over water and rocksHeld at: Lotus Family Health & Wellness
1400 Barbara Loop SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Info/appointments: 505-699-4330
505-660-3347 • 505-459-7430
Energy Healing Sessions
March 5 & April 7, 7-9pm
March 28 & April 25, noon-2pm
$30 for 30 minutes

Bless yourself. Take 30 minutes out of your hectic schedule and experience chakra balancing, negative energy clearing, adrenal balancing, pain relief, stress relief. With energy healers Linda Martinez, Debbie Horne, Ann Landis.

Crystal Bowl Internal Sound Massage

Reverend Heidi PeckInfo:
Rev. Heidi: 828-216-6438
Crystal Bowl Internal Sound Massage:
Reveal Your Wholeness in Seven Steps
with Reverend Heidi!
$44 One Hour,
$77 Two Hours

Collective Professional or Individual Personal Sessions.

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