Classes & Workshops – September/October 2020

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Energy Mastery Classes with
Chantal Fidanza

Chantal Fidanza Location: Tele-courses & Santa Fe
505-438-1074 •
Manifesting from Your Higher Self
8-week Tele-course
Jan 16 thru Mar 6,2021
Truly Alive Special, SAVE 10%

Whatever it is that you are here to manifest — health, joy, abundance, a higher vibration all around you…you will
learn and master the energetic techniques of true manifesting. Get ready to anchor your highest vibration and transform your life from the inside out!

Empowered Empath Training
12-week Tele-course Only, Or Tele-Course + Retreat
April 3 thru Jun 26, 2021

For anyone who suspects they may be an empath and/or who seeks to embody one’s highest wisdom. Areas of mastery we will embrace include: Self-healing, trusting our intuition, manifesting, embodying our higher self, relationships, and of course — boundaries. Deeply transformational and intimate format. Limited space available. Enrolling now. This training is life changing! —Alison Martin, Tucson

Mindfulness Education By:
Bhanu Joy Harrison, LCSW

Harrison-picAlbuquerque • 505-837-2100 x3
UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Practices
Sept. 14 thru Oct. 19, 5-7pm
See for class fees & discounts

Reduce stress, improve focus and sleep. Learn skills to establish a mindfulness meditation practice including sitting
and walking meditation, working with thoughts, emotions, body awareness and breath. 6-week class, 12 CEUs.

Managing Chronic Pain with Mindfulness
Sept 24 thru Oct 15, 5:30-7:30pm
See for class fees & discounts

Learn mindfulness skills to modulate pain and reduce the impact of your thoughts, emotions, trauma and stress on your pain experience. 4-week class, 8 CEUs.

Events Offered by: Stacey Lane, MLS, Cert. NLP Practitioner,
Shared Vision NLP

Stacey Lane 602-367-6748 •
Writing Memoir Live Online
Course #: 19591 · Class ID: 90410
Thursdays, 8/20 – 9/24, 1-3pm · $75

This course is for all-level writers contemplating a memoir. Break open your concepts of memory and identity, while illuminating the cathartic power of reflecting on your past. The course offers writing prompts to preserve memories from your entire life. It’s important to know not only how to write about your experiences, but also how to structure and translate them into an unforgettable memoir. Together, we will learn how to structure your stories, develop storytelling skills, while offering tips and techniques in order to best adapt your life stories and reflect with a chronological fashion.

Writing and Being: Taking Back the Gift of Language, Live Online
Course #: 19503 · Class ID: 90411
Saturdays, Oct. 3 – Nov. 7, 1-3pm · $75

This is not only a class about writing, it is a class about people writing. It is about writing as a tool for intellectual, psychological, and spiritual growth. It is about our language and our being and their powerful interconnectedness. This class is about taking back the gift of our language as an instrument of creation. The guided writing explorations begin by asking you to go inside yourself, to start with your heart, to take your stories out from within and look at them and learn from them. We will also work with the dimension called “Toward Public Writing.” This gives your journaling work new form as to be shared with others. This writing-and-being group travels beside you as we create a published summation of our creations.

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