Does Advertising in Truly Alive really work?


In March of 2017, I started advertising with Truly Alive Magazine and was cautiously optimistic. I tried a few other marketing venues in the past (more expensive) and had very disappointing results. I had always been told than it takes several months of advertising before customer calls usually begin. With Truly Alive, I was pleasantly surprised. During the first two months (first issue), I received 10 calls, 9 scheduled appointments, and 8 services completed. Now, I am getting returning customers and referrals. Every issue I get new patients and advertising in Truly Alive has paid for itself from the beginning.

Karen Larré (the owner) has been very helpful, providing great guidance on how to write the most compelling articles. She knows her business and her readers very well. I advise anyone who wants to promote their business in Truly Alive Magazine to follow Karen’s advice. She is your partner for success.

My only regret: not advertising in Truly Alive earlier! THANKS KAREN. THANKS TRULY ALIVE.

Carmen Montano, MD
3900 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE, ABQ, NM 87111

It took a year (6 issues) for our investment to “truly” pay for itself in Truly Alive. Although people may not come from the first article they read, after reading a few times, it seems there is one article in particular that triggers an appointment. Truly Alive has allowed us to increase our practice in a dwindling economy.

Dr. Carla Garcia, D.O.M
Thermography Center
4550 Eubank NE #105, ABQ 87111

Dear Karen: I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for having us in your magazine for the last 10 years!

I have enjoyed writing articles and getting important information out to the public. It has been a wonderful tool to help raise mass consciousness on preventative health, diet, exercise, clear emotions and truly healthy living.

Besides word of mouth from happy clients (our largest advertisement!), your magazine has been the main avenue for getting our clinic to be well-known to the public. We have had the largest response from advertising in your magazine than any other publication we have used, including the phone book. I often have people come up to me in the store in a beauty shop or where ever I am and say, “Aren’t you the lady who writes articles in Truly Alive magazine? I love reading them!”

Janet Hall, CKP, EKA, AHG – Owner/Practitioner
Alternative Wellness Center

Truly Alive Magazine is the best! We have used the magazine as our primary form of advertising for more than 10 years. Our business has grown consistently, and our clientele is mostly local. Having a local venue such as Truly Alive has made all the difference. Occasionally, we have tried other sources with little to no results. On average, we receive 30 to 40 new client inquiries every month and a minimum of 40-50% come from our articles and advertisements in Truly Alive. Karen is a big help in putting her magic on the final edit of our articles and really cares about us and our business.

Bill Haggard, Owner
Reneé Morton, Manager
All About Health

Recently retired, I had been writing articles and advertising in Truly Alive (formerly Living Natural Magazine) since 1988. I got 4-6 new patients every month from their reading my articles. And that adds up because patients referred their family and friends. Consistency counts.

Victoria Magown, CMTPT, LMT – MyoRehab
4271 Montgomery NE, #130E
Albuquerque, NM 87109

As an advertiser for about 8 years, one of the things I appreciate about Truly Alive is the opportunity to educate readers about natural health and the services I provide. Clients often come into the office clutching an article I wrote a year ago saying, “I have been holding onto this article and I am so happy to finally be here.” Many new clients find me in Truly Alive; in fact, second only to word of mouth, it has been the best generator of new clients. I am grateful to Karen for doing such a great job in creating a beautiful local resource for natural health and spiritual topics – and I LOVE the new online magazine~!

Louise Swartswalter, N.D.,CBS, CNHP, CALT
Albuquerque Natural Health Center
5341 Wyoming Blvd., NE, Suite B, ABQ, NM 87109

I have been advertising in Truly Alive (formerly Living Natural Magazine) for 21 years. It’s always been worth the investment and more & more people are calling from Truly Alive every day, making my 2012 advertising more worthwhile than ever! It’s interesting to note that this magazine is kept on hand as a resource for long periods of time; as people sometimes phone for appointments from an issue many years old! I highly recommend Truly Alive for anyone who wants to target those interested in natural health and/or spiritual products or services.

Elizabeth Valsala, Reiki Master
NE Heights, Albuquerque, NM

I couldn’t be happier with the results I have seen since I took Karen Larre’s advice and signed a year’s contract “forcing me” to write an article every 2 months. I had been disappointed with the response from writing the old article once a year for the magazine. Although my practice has been busy for several years, last minute cancellatinos and inability to fill them, were problematic.

We now get calls every day from new patients who have read and enjoyed my articles, have a 6 week waiting list, and are usually able to fill even last minute cancellations. I have even had to hire new staff to keep up with the volume of calls that the articles are generating.

For 2008, we have reduced the cost of our Yellow Pages advertising by nearly 50% because the response there has paled in comparison to what I’ve seen with Truly Alive. During nearly 15 years of practice as a Holistic Medical Doctor, this has been hands down the best advertising experience I have had. I wholeheartedly recommend Truly Alive to all holistic practitioners who seek to reach the very audience most interested in alternative approaches and build a robust, successful practice.

Stephen Weiss, M.D.

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