Living Naturally/Truly Alive Magazine – A Little History

Living-Naturally-mag-picIn 1990, Jan Hammers (then 64 years young) lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico and had a passion for natural health and spiritual solutions to living a better life. Jan felt that people were unaware of the wonderful practitioners and businesses located right in their own central New Mexico communities and decided to create something that would help “get the word out”. And so, the original Living Natural Magazine was born.

In August of 2006, just a couple of weeks shy of Jan’s 80th birthday; she sold the magazine to the partnership of Karen Larré and Betsy Morgan Coffman (who was a friend and one of Jan’s advertisers).

With a background in marketing, advertising, public relations, management and sales, Karen assumed the responsibilities of running the magazine, and Betsy used her contacts in the community to attract new advertisers and increase awareness of the magazine.


Karen, Jan & Betsy

Since that first issue of Betsy’s and Karen’s, the magazine has grown from 32 pages with 14,000 print runs to over 40 pages, and up to 22,000 print runs. Its design, content and distribution have been improved greatly.

In early 2008, the name was changed from Living Natural to Living Naturally Magazine.

Advertisers were now enjoying wonderful responses to their advertising, and readers appreciated the true educational value of the articles, written mostly by the advertisers.

From the date of purchase, Karen had a vision for the magazine…something beyond being just a wonderful central New Mexico publication. In the summer of 2008, Karen bought out Betsy’s shares and is now (slowly and carefully) pursuing her dream of expanding the magazine.

Karen-Larre-publisher-Truly-Alive-magazineKaren Larré is the Owner and Publisher of Truly Alive Magazine.

Karen has a solid background in marketing, advertising, public relations, management and sales, but her real passion is in helping people live productive, positive, and healthy lives.

When the opportunity to buy Living Naturally Magazine was presented to her in 2006 , it was the answer to a prayer and a dream.

Karen likes to use a well known quote to describe her typical day: when you’re doing something you love, it’s not work!

A New Era Begins

2009 – Living Naturally becomes Truly Alive Magazine

As the first step in the plan to expand Living Naturally Magazine, an attempt to trademark the name was made and found to be unsuccessful. Living Naturally, and any variation of the name would not be approved due to already existing trademark approvals.

So after much thought and suggestions from friends and advertisers, the name Truly Alive was applied for and sailed through the trademark process.

The idea of having an alternative/natural health and conscious/spiritual magazine available in cities around the country is not a new one. There are several good publications that have community versions (franchises) of the original magazines operating in many US cities already. What will set Truly Alive Magazine apart from the others includes several factors:

  • Glossy covers featuring nationally-known authors of hot new books in the fields of natural/alternative health, consciousness/spirituality or the environment/sustainability.
  • Feature spreads on the authors and the featured books
  • Paid editorial – every advertiser has the opportunity to write their own articles (or have articles written for them) that are guaranteed to be published, running above or alongside of their ads, logos and pictures
  • A proven formula for success – With over 20 years in print, Truly Alive Magazine (formerly Living Natural Magazine) is operating with the most efficient, workable, and easy to use systems for every task involved in running the business. Purchasing a Truly Alive Franchise will be like buying a business in a box – a new franchise owner will be able to hit the road running, and enjoy incredible support all along the way. And this will greatly increase the franchisee’s opportunity for success.
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