Gregg Braden talks about his new book, “Human by Design”

Today’s Sharing

from Neale Donald Walsch

If spirituality is really another word for life, then that which is spiritual is Life Affirming, because life is Life Affirming.

Remember when I said that life is nothing but energy; that it is pure energy that circles back into itself? I observed then that life is a self-fueling, self-sustaining, self-determining, and self-creating process. It depends on itself, relies on itself, looks to itself to tell itself what the next expression of itself shall be. In other words, life is Life Affirming.

This is true universally, it is true globally, it is true nationally, it is true locally, and it is true individually. It is merely a matter of proportion.

And so we see the Universe deciding about itself in this way, our planet deciding about itself in this way, our nation deciding about itself in this way, our own city or community deciding about itself in this way, and our own person deciding about itself in this way. We observe that Life informs Life about Life through the process of Life Itself.

To inject spirituality into our politics, therefore, would be to make all political activities and all political decisions Life Affirming. And indeed, is this not exactly what we are trying to do with our politics?

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