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an excerpt from Cheryl Richardson’s weekly newsletter

Gifts from the Emerald Isle

It’s so strange coming home after spending nearly two weeks in a different country. Life feels a bit wobbly and strange. Rhythms and schedules turned upside down. Meaningful memories mixed with present day reality. Reentering an old life with new eyes.

Our trip to Ireland turned out to be beyond what I could have imagined. Every day was filled with beauty – rolling green hills speckled with sheep and cattle, misty mountains rising from the sea, hedge-lined roads and ancient stonewalls leading to the most extraordinary abbeys and cathedrals. The food was delicious in nearly every village pub we visited, and the people were warm and welcoming. We felt right at home. . . .

One afternoon, while hiking in Connemara National Park, I stopped along the trail and looked out over the vista before me. I thought about my dad and how much of his life was devoted to hard work, struggling to make ends meet in support of our family. I so wished he could have been with me to marvel at the beauty of the land that held his history.

Beauty. It reflects the biggest lesson I learned while in Ireland. Beauty is a potent healing force that feeds the soul like few things can. We need to elevate the experience of beauty in our daily lives in order to feel inspired, restored, healed, and at peace.

Sit by a tree.
Stare at the birds.
Take the scenic route to work.
Or marvel at a storefront window designed to delight.

I intend to give myself this gift more often and I hope you will, too.

xo Cheryl

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