Dr. Frye speaks about the benefits of medical cannabis



Today’s Sharing

from Lissa Rankin, M.D.

When you let life force flow through you so you can help heal others, you receive a healing yourself. When you become a channel for life force flowing through you, that which flows through you heals you as it moves in you. If you’re dialed into the Source of all life force, then this life force is infinite and unlimited and restorative. If you’re depleted after offering healing, you’re giving up your own life force rather than opening to the unlimited flow of life force that’s available to us all, and this can make you sick. But if you’re channeling the Source of all life force, you receive a healing through the act of healing.

Optimal health requires the generation of your own life force. Although we can receive transfusions of life force from others and this may help us feel better temporarily, most of these kinds of transfusions aren’t permanent unless you heal and clear traumatic imprints or blocks in your own system so you can open to the flow of life force on your own, through your own connection to Source.

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