Eben Alexander talks about his book, Living in a Mindful Universe


Today’s Sharing

from Cheryl Richardson

These days I’m grateful to feel a bit more removed from the rush of life. Quiet mornings to myself, time spent with friends hanging out and telling stories, having the space to make a meal from scratch – these may not sound like glamorous events, but they sure do make the heart feel full. And it gives me the space I need to focus on being present, which is the secret to slowing time.

It’s taken a lot of self-care practice to get to this point and to be honest, it’s not always comfortable. There are certainly times when my old life calls to me – traveling to new places, speaking in beautiful theaters with large audiences of smiling faces, the excitement of doing television interviews that bring my words to the world. And while life is full of surprises and we never really know what’s in store, I’ve grown to appreciate this simpler way of living for now.

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