May/June 2018 – Central New Mexico Edition

ABC NEWS: Mother Dies in Labor but Lives to Tell the Tale

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from James Van Praagh, psychic medium
Dad Steps in From Heaven – A Father’s Day Story

A happy coincidence…or Spirit at work?

I postponed my flight for the last possible moment. Now I found myself in New York for an extra couple of days. Suddenly the idea popped into my head to call my brother. It had been years since we had spent time together. I dialed his number and he picked up immediately. “What a coincidence, I was just thinking about you!” he said.

We arranged for me to meet him at work before going out to dinner. He works at a beautiful old theatre in midtown Manhattan. Years ago my father had been the head carpenter at that same theatre, responsible for building the sets, and handling backdrop changes during shows. My brother inherited his position, carrying on my father’s legacy.

In the same spot – 55 years later.

My favorite thing to do as a young boy was to sit backstage at the theatre, perched on the fly rail and watch my father at work. Is it any wonder that I love the energy of classic, old theatres to this day? Fifty-five years later, as if time has stood still, I found myself sitting at that exact same spot, watching my brother pull the curtains to change the backdrops. As he pulled the lines, I wasn’t surprised to spot the ghost of my father – right behind him – looking just like he had when I was a young boy.

I could see my father smiling, and realized that the lines to change the sets weren’t the only things being pulled. My father had been pulling the strings all along – keeping me in NYC by delaying my passport, to give me the gift of time with my brother.

Once I’d spent a couple of days with my brother and we’d caught up on old times and made plans to get together again, my new passport was delivered, and I was able to get on my flight to London. Everything came together perfectly in the end.

This month, if you’re missing a father, grandfather or anyone who has transitioned to the Spirit realm, I hope you’ll remember this story. It’s a reminder that when unexpected roadblocks pop up, and things seem out of control, someone who loves you might be pulling those divine strings to deliver just what you need!

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