Yvonne Tally talks about her new book, “Breaking Up with Busy”

Today’s Sharing

from Colette Baron-Reid

How do you react when you’re in the midst of uncertainty and not knowing what’s going to happen next? Do you try to plan, scheme, strategize, and control, all the while driving yourself crazy? Or, do you do what you need to do and then let go the results and cultivate faith in the Divine, faith in the uncharted map yet to be discovered?

Remember the saying, “Man plans and God laughs”? Uncertainty is the only certainty there is in life. Most of us, however, have to work at cultivating not knowing. Our Goblins—the wounded egos we all have—long for control and certainty. So much of our world is built on a strident need for certainty. Yet, certainty is actually just an illusion. When you think about it, is there ever a time when you know for sure how things will unfold? Even with your best efforts, you can’t control everything in the Universe. Jobs change based on economic and industry shifts. Relationships transform as people grow and change. Our very world is in a constant state of movement from moment to moment. We are in essence stories in motion.


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