Best-selling author Danette May, explains why she wrote her new book, The Rise

Today’s Sharing

from Colette Baron-Reid

Dearest You,

I wonder if you know what your soul needs, and is that different than what your small self wants? Are they ever the same? Can they be? The answer is yes and when they align you’re in the magical miracle zone!

As I went over my 2019 list of what I intended to manifest in my life, I asked myself this question. Are my intentions in alignment with my soul? For a long time now I have known that if I only focus on my wants and desires without giving equal space for the needs of my soul I find that my manifestations will not be satisfying. There is a big difference between inspired intentions and wanting something to happen.

The real magic occurs when there’s alignment between the small self’s desires and the soul’s needs for experience. When the material and the spiritual are integrated miracles can and do happen. Yet, Rarely will they appear in the form you expect.

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